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Discover Codevision S.N.C., where our passion for game development meets our expertise in creating detailed 3D and 2D models. Explore how we bring imaginative PC games to life.

Cinderstone Online

A World Crafted by Codevision

Step into the magical realm of Cinderstone Online, a richly detailed MMORPG developed by Codevision S.N.C. Launched on Steam’s Early Access, Cinderstone Online invites players to explore a vast open world filled with enchanting locations—from the medieval town of Cinderstone to the mystical floating islands of Anwyn. Featuring a unique art style and the innovative “Caravan System,” the game allows players to experience various roles: trader, guardian, or thief, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.

While we have completed our active development and support for Cinderstone Online, we’re proud of our contribution to the gaming community and the experiences we’ve enabled for players around the world.


Beyond Boundaries

Building on the dynamic and expansive playstyle of games like Firefall, our upcoming title, Cosmorush, invites players to an adventurous world where not only can they engage in skill-based combat and dynamic events on the ground, but also take to the stars with personal spaceships, offering complete freedom to explore the universe.

Cinderstone Adventure

Cinderstone Reborn

Expanding on our beloved universe, Cinderstone Adventure introduces a single-player experience, delving deeper into the lore and lands that fans loved in Cinderstone Online. Simultaneously, Cinderstone Reborn transforms the world into a fully immersive 3D experience, rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5, enhancing every aspect of gameplay and visual appeal.

These projects signify our commitment to evolving and expanding the worlds we create, providing unique and immersive experiences for our players.

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