Immersive reality

Virtual reality is a new technology able to recreate totally immersive and digital experiences, during which everything that is seen, heard or touched is virtual. As a person in a swimming pool feels like being completely immersed in water, you will have the sensation of being completely immersed in the VR experience. All the senses are stimulated by the aquatic medium, or in this case by the virtual environment.
Our team is highly specialized in all aspects of the technological application of the continuum between reality and the virtual world. Starting from a humancentered approach, we design effective systems for work and entertainment. Our aim is to visualize the new ways in which this emerging digital technology can be used, first of all by improving the cultural experience, starting from school education and embracing traditional art, theater and music.
Virtual reality is a narrative and didactic tool, capable of conveying emotions firsthand and allows us to go beyond geographical boundaries. The possibility of experiencing a realistic simulation as a protagonist radically changes the way we relate to an environment, to a product and the process of learning a task.
Moreover, virtual reality is capable of great creation and in recent years has acquired a central role in the model of fruition of cultural tourism, in particular among the museum offer. Today's tourist is no longer confined to the sense of vision alone, but has the opportunity to experiment, try, interact and create. Virtual reality can provide authenticity, experiences and participation that satisfy user's requests. It allows visitors of a museum to admire the ancient splendor of cities rebuilt with their own eyes, which are now important archaeological sites, and transport them to a world where anything is possible: to discover the hidden wonders of the deep sea, in a flight to the more remote borders of space, on a walk through the complex internal mechanisms of the human body. The Historial Charles de Gaulle in Paris is the most important European example of an "invisible museum", in which spatial experience extends beyond physical boundaries. It develops on an underground area completely hidden from the view and does not exhibit objects or relics, but has an entirely virtual and interactive discovery center that immerses the visitor in the history of the XX century.

Our team applies the educational and teaching potentials of virtual reality to educational institutions, both in schools and universities, which could provide students with engaging class experiences. In the health area, trainees could simulate surgery operations in the operating room,sharpen their decision-making autonomy and sense of responsibility. In sports, virtual simulations could allow athletes to better visualize patterns and movements on the field. Firefighters or military bodies could have the opportunity to gain experience in hostile environments, without jeopardizing their security.

In addition to the educational aspect, our team also is specialized in marketing and business area. The complexity and the speed of change will lead, in the near future, to new strategic challenges, markedly oriented towards digital transformation, product and service innovation, to strengthen the relationship with the customer and to improve its experience as a consumer. In this context, the training of operators in different sectors plays an important role in supporting change. Precisely for this reason we are available to engineers and architects to allow them to experiment with their virtual creations or renovations before they are achieved. We also have excellent connection with the commercial sector, where virtual reality is able to revolutionize the experience in stores, allowing retailers to train sales teams and to provide catalogs and products directly in the living rooms of potential customers. Furthermore, we pay extreme attention to the needs of tour operators, who can provide visitable destinations from the comfort of a home and we help real estate agencies,by allowing them to facilitate the sale of properties especially abroad.
Our team provides adequate support to the managers of the future and is extremely attentive to the interaction between multiple users. This is why all our experiences can also be developed in a team work mode. This allows users to improve their skills, by implementing collaboration, leadership, problem solving, entrepreneurship, by processing and sharing common aims, by recognising and promoting change and generation integration. Furthermore, virtual reality boasts a hardware cost that can be easily amortized and requires a limited need of qualified personnel, all of which shape it as one of the most interesting technologies on the market.