Immersive reality

Our team has extensive experience in the field of photogrammetry and photomodelling. It is a reliable and precise technology, allowing to elaborate a three-dimensional model starting from simple twodimensional digital photographs. This discipline of documentation gives us the possibility to create a metrically correct digital copy of the object studied, which is fundamental for its interactive rendering. For these potentialities it has spread first in cartography and topography, subsequently it has expanded in a capillary way in architecture, engineering, archeology, geology, medicine, etc. Our services concern 3D reliefs and modeling, forming the latter a support system to the relief itself, the analysis and cataloging of existing geographical areas, sites, monuments, buildings and objects. Our team follows step by step the reconstruction of the object, from the calibration of the camera, extraction of points, image orientation, to the reconstruction and interpolation of the surface, texture mapping, digital archiving and finally visualization. Each step is critically verified by a qualified technician before proceeding with the next one in order to obtain a high quality product that meets the needs of the customer. Very high attention and expertise is placed in the study of the object’s surface characteristics and in capturing photographs of high quality, factors that we believe are essential to influence positively the subsequent procedures.