Immersive reality

Our team is highly specialized in all aspects of the technological application of the continuum between reality and the virtual world.

Experience VR

We develop complex virtual reality experiences based on customer needs.


We scan landscapes, objects or buildings for a real experience with the possibility of interaction.


We develop creative activities that can be reproduced in virtual reality.

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Examples of museum experiences in virtual reality

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Virtual reality is a new technology able to recreate totally immersive and digital experiences, during which everything that is seen, heard or touched is virtual. As a person in a swimming pool feels like being completely immersed in water, you will have the sensation of being completely immersed in the VR experience. All the senses are stimulated by the aquatic medium, or in this case by the virtual environment.
It is a reliable and precise technology, allowing to elaborate a three-dimensional model starting from simple twodimensional digital photographs. This discipline of documentation gives us the possibility to create a metrically correct digital copy of the object studied, which is fundamental for its interactive rendering
Creative People
Davide Moriello
Software Developer
Daniel Hafner
2D/3D Artist
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